Question about PCIII


What blue lights?
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Lately I have been hearing that depending on what year busa you have, you are restricted to using only certain models of the power commander. Namely that for an 02 and 03 you can only use the PCIIIr for some reason. Anybody know the truth of this?

Thanx in advance
99-01 you can only use a PC2
A PC2 uses sensor input to change the fuel map (this is not always the best way to do things)
So I would recommend a Yosh EMS(but more expensive)

02-03 you can only use a PC3R which changes the injector pluse (Bravo) which is the same way a Yosh EMS does it.

PS one day Dynojet will get off their rumps and make everything a PC3 like they did for Harleys
So in your opinion you would go with the yosh ems? Any certain reason for this or is it just the way it is?
02, gettin ready to put yosh RS-3 full system on this weekend.
Glad this question was asked, since i'm looking at a fuel management system. I've got an 01 the service tech say the PCIII would be the best thing on a busa, but doesn't like the PCII for the 01. My question is why wont a PCIII/r work on the 01
? And dollar for dollar money being no object which performes better for the 01 Busa Yosh or PC?
? Thanks techno gurus