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I see you installed the Akra Evo and PCIIIr.

I too have an '03 and I am installing the Ti ones (is that what you got?) and a PCIIIr. I am also removing the pair and installing a BMC racing filter.

My questions:

1. did you remap using a shop, or was the Akra mapping that came with the PC sufficient?

2. How do you like pipes for sound, power, etc.?

3. Anything I should be aware of going into this install that could save me some time or hassle?

Please feel free to throw in any information I failed to ask for bro.

Thanks in advance, Vaughn.
Has anyone else put on a full Akra and PCIIIr?

If so, any info would be greatly appreciated... I am expecting mine in two weeks and I don't wanna be blind sided with some simple thinger-mer-bob.
I have EVO full system 4 into 1 I also installed PC3R and a TRE. Did you order 4 into 1 or 4 into 2. Installation was pretty straight forward. Remove plastics, radiator,fan and oil cooler and lines. Then you will have plenty of room to R+R the exhaust system. I changed all three at once. I'm really happy with the power and the sound. Akra's not as loud as some systems but I think their quality is the best. I do plan to dyno my bike I just have not had the time yet. The stock map seems to work fine. I will be installing the block off kit and BMC air filter then it's off to the dyno.
I got the 4-2-1 (i.e. 4 into 1).

I was hoping to avoid removing the radiator... We shall see how much room I have.

Thanks for the info, Rip.
BTW - I will be posting before and after pics, MP3s, and dyno charts on my web page... I will post after getting them installed... They are due in about 2 weeks.
You got enough room if just loosen it up and remove a couple of bolts. It's just that the fins on the radiator are really delicate. If I was to do it again I would have taken the time to remove completly.