1. TreeSlayer

    bike weight

    hello all! my name is Layton. i'm new to the board. if i'm not posting in the correct area, just let me know. first off, i'm not a bike rider. i used to ride many years ago, but after a nasty accident, I've not ever been able to get back on the "horse" again. what i do have though, is a 1970...
  2. N

    Slave Cylinder Support Bracket

    Just installed it very easy.
  3. N

    Clutch Friction Plate Reference Marks

    I noticed on clutch friction plate one notch has paint on it can anyone tell me why it's there?
  4. abdul

    Hayabusa 2006 Clutch Disengage

    Hey, I have hayabusa 2006 that I rebuilt the second gear and put new clutch on. Sometime, when I gave it a full throttle no matter what gears is on, the rev goes up the bike stop going. it only happens when I am over 80 miles. I remember that mechanic of the shop told me that he changed Rod...
  5. Barrocker

    Clutch Plate Wave Washer Missing

    I am changing my OEM clutch and noticed that the clutch plate wave washer is missing. I have the wave washer seat (convex one). The clutch seemed fine before. It had some mileage on it and since I installed a turbo I wanted to make sure all was top notch. My question is, is it ok to run without...