Got A Clutch Problem

Daniel Simon

So I have an 05 hayabusa I'm working on and the first clutch was warped from slippage of the clutch. I cleaned the slave cylinder out wit 3000 grit polishing cloth . I flushed the hydraulic system as well as cleaned the connecting rods to the pressure plate hub. It visually releases and engages well. It bites fine and it progressively worsens as you ride when it's all out back together. I had a certified tech help install the plates with the clymers and exploded diagram of the plates. Its an OEM clutch with new springs. New pressure plate bolts. And my only thing is I can bleed the slave and it runs fine for about 5 miles then starts slipping again. I bleed it it repeats the process. I have no fluid leaking anywhere I even removed the slave to look at the housing for oil. I bled the clutch god knows how many times and it just repeats the progressive slipping. My question is can it be the gear holding the pressure plate bolts in the clutch basket. It moves freely. Or is it a master cylinder not releifing pressure to fully engage the plates( check valve gone bad if it has one?). The bike disengages the plates but will not engage and it worsens to the point where i don't feel comfortable going far down the road so I stopped test driving it . I even drilled down his aftermarket lever pin slot to loosen it up cause it was very stiff and tight even all the way out

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