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    Trying Find Don Aka Hornet From California

    He works on bikes and is in a busa club not sure which..I need to get in touch with him about a mutual friend of ours. . Anyone know him or if your on here Don please call me asap (203)768-2710
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    3.5 Quarts Of Oil Per Manual .

    At least 4qts for sure! heck what sight glass says if bikes lowered ect ur won't read right anyway..
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    R1 rear wheel swap, anyone found a 240mm rotor to fit R1 bolt pattern??

    sae outlaw makes rotor for this application..tell him I sent ya
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    Seems a bit suspicious...

    Looks legit to Me././he actually has alot of new take off parts cheap!!!! They build T-rexs ect with the car kits,,there's was supposdly 50 New busa rollers floating around for sale!!..wanted to get one Myself instead of paying 12k!!!!!
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    Anyone looking for a steal of a deal??

    Perfect for someone who wants to make a cheap race bike!!!!!!!!!! Remember/////One mans junk is another mans treasure!!
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    Sold some bikes(BMW&GSXR)

    yep..buddie sold His bike,money cleared the bank week later taken back!! i hope not your case!!
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    What do you think?

    Sorry about your bikes..but the one in the pic is a 07 and not the same body style as your 09..if you look close at the tank and headlite you can see the differences..
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    Guess what this is

    Seen one going down the road,smaller that the real t-rex and sounded like a 250 going by!! Im sure it will fall apart like all other China junk!! there's nothing they wont knock off these days!!!!!
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    NICE OEM Quality Black Levers! CHEAP! Pics!

    cheap metal and the round adjuster usually has play in it and can fall out and apart..which meant no front brake when I seen a buddies do that!! cheap and good never go hand to hand!!..China stuff is all junk!!! I scuffed and just painted Mine and the paint held up and still is!!..Nothing like...
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    Oil filter change from hell

    didnt get a anytime 203-768-2710
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    Oil filter change from hell

    Got if for a buddie come to find out he can get the filter off without it or taking the pipe off!!!!!! Hows that for a answer??lol
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    Oil filter change from hell

    I have a brock one for new installed and taken off..paid $220 plus shipping sell for $175 shipped!!!!
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    Just back from The Rock!! Pix Inside!!

    nice pics!! Thx for sharing!!
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    Where does this bolt go

    Does look like it,its about that size and style!!!!
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    Almost done with my Black & Red 2011 Custom Hayabusa.

    Looks good and to each His own!~!! How did you black out the forks??