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    Well everyone..Lesson learned.

    :UPDATE: Got a phone call from the Seminole County Sheriffs office this morning and they have RECOVERED my gun! Yes, it has been 2 years, but i was not expecting this. And yes, a lesson was learned to not leave it in my truck.
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    New Owner in South Florida

    Welcome to the site. :welcome: I miss my LE :(
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Relocated my rectifier to the tail section.
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    Made it to 60 degrees today...

    81 here week has kicked off in full gear. Planning on riding over there some more this week. Saturday was insane...barely found a parking spot on main street. Horsepower shootout is this friday..I hoping to see some bada$$ busas' there. :thumbsup:
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    Now This Is Funny

    :lol: i had to send that to my northern family. i could only imagine how much that sucks..LOL
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    Voltage regulator feedback

    Just buy another stock one on feabay or something. the stock one has lasted you 12 years, why not get another? I had over 100k miles on my stock one, and it was still working fine.
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    New owner in PA

    That and your frame is black. Other 2005 models have the raw aluminum color. All gen 1 limited editions and all 2007 models have black frames. Enjoy your new ride! looks great :beerchug:
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    shinko hook up

    The prices of shinkos have gone up significantly..for a "cheap" tire, they sure aren't cheap anymore. I used to pay 150 installed for a set of them, and now its damn near that just for the rear installed. Wish I had the hookup for you. Last set of tires i bought was from cycle gear and i...
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    Anyone got me beat? HIGH MILEAGE doubt it!!!

    i had 114k on my 06LE in just under 4 years...before it was stolen :( But one thing for sure, you can definitely depend on the busa. I even had mine down the drag strip multiple times with no engine failures. transmissions on the other hand, i put 2 in it..:whistle:
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    Coming soon from Sena!!!!

    Sweet! :beerchug:
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    Poll: How many of us like our job?

    I love my job but it doesn't pay enough. :( I just keep telling myself that im lucky to have a job at this point. :)
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Users... its time for me to upgrade my cell, thinking note 3

    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Users... its time for me to upgrade my cell, thinking note I love my Note 2! I moved up from the galaxy S2 and it was a huge difference..I gave my S2 to my fiancee and when i use her phone for something, I cant get over how small it is.:laugh: But as for the note...
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    Broken Swing Arm Extension on a Kawi

    Yea, no kidding! What in the world...
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    Made it! 1687 Miles in 36 hours. Iron Butt.

    Awesome! looks like fun! :beerchug:
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    2014 Corvette or Lotus elise?

    The vette is soooo sweet looking though...