ZX12 upgrade


My friend with the 02 ZX12 is tired of having the second fastest bike in town so he is putting on a Muzzy 1270 big bore kit with the clutch kit. Should give him about 190hp and 108 torque compared to my 170hp and 101 torque. He will be geared -1 front and +1 back with my -1 front +2 back. We do a lot of roll-ons for comparable testing and my low end power always gave my the edge, but how bad do you think it will be after his mods? Do you think if I put in the Yosh cams I would have enough power to pull ahead of him?
All it takes is cash and a good MC tech to smoke um...
Just ask N.E. 300 hp's when the weathers right...
You could just save your money and laugh at him when his bike starts breaking down constantly (hey its a kawi). When he's in his garage cussing and scratching his head just give him a call and ask him to go riding. he he.
I hate to admit it , but the 12 is an untamed beast . It will never handle as well thou....so take him to the twisties , and humiliate the guy there . Or you could "top speed" him.
Go the other way with yer gearing...he'll getcha off the line,but with the grunt of the Bad Bird, you'll overtake .
Or....put it to rest..once an' for all...TURBO.
Those 12's ...I dont know what the deal is...they should be hotter . 33 an' a half intake valves , left open for 300 degrees . Exhaust valves are bigger than ours too, and are left dangling for like 294 . The busa has in's @ 33 , and exhausts at 27.5 . They hang open for way less time too,276 and 259 .
I think its the stroke, its way shorter on a 12 , so , in theory , it makes it's power up a little higher . I think you'll just about always be able to take him is you short shift it a little....just a little . While his tach is climbing looking for peak hp , you'll already be in the next gear .
For some reason...which escapes me right now , the 12 should be makin' better power . It just doesnt. They didnt give it as many cubes as the Bird either . They wanted this thing rev longer an' higher, is my guess . Compression is higher on the 12 aswell...I think . I dunno...the 12 is down a hundred cc's...but the numbers suggest it should have more GO. It juz dont . No show = the Busa is way prettier
No go = the Bird is fasta

it's a neat topic . Bottom line.....
the busa was faster outa the showroom .
He gets cams....you get cams
He gets piped...you get piped
He gets turbo...you get turbo

you see.....now yer into hot rods . Who has a thicker wallet?
$$$$$$$$$ = speed .