1270 ZX12


My friend with the 02 ZX12 just put his big bore 1270 in his ZX12 and just got it broke-in. I am geared 16/42 and he was at -2 front now he is -1 front +1 rear. We did a lot of roll-ons before so last night he was ready. Before, I would always pull on him in low rpms and he would gain as the rpms got higher but as we shifted I would jump to the lead. It was always close but I usually had the lead.

Last night we did the first roll-on in second and he jumped out fast and I could not catch him. In third and fourth I would jump to a 3 bike length lead but as I shifted he flew by me and I had no chance to catch him. My bike tops out at 175mph with the gearing and he is at 185/190mph. The extra 20+ hp was huge... it's time for me to spend more money!
I am not worried about "someone"... it's the dude I ride with all the time that I want to be faster than!!!!!!!! I can respect another bike being faster than mine, just not his bike!
OH yeah??? Sounds like someone has the same problem I have. ...errr had. Quick and easy...send crank to APE get it Stroked, lightend and balanced. Then get the JE 1937cc pistons. Send your cylinders to millennium technologies for some of the best boreing. Your choice as what you want to do for cams. Web or Yoshi.

Then BAM your rollin at 1507cc Busa! Just an option.

I know I can't stand getting left on the street by anyone!!
I'm not to worried about the corners...I'll catch then on the next straight away!