You Know You Are A Biker When...


I said Good Day!
I think we can have a lil fun posting the sfuff that make us bikers! :thumbsup:
So lets come up with some stuff, It will be interesting the things we about to read :laugh:

You know you are a biker when... The first thing you do in the morning is turn on the weather channel.


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When you spend 15 minutes digging out gear and putting it on to go on a 5 minute ride to store for milk....and turns into 35 minute ride to justify putting on gear...and wife is wondering where the milk is after an hour ago she asked for it...guilty


When the first thing you do after being informed that you are getting a bonus at work is pull your phone to look at the next item you are going to get off your wish list :-)
You are on the highway and if you see a bike at a distance you turn into a NASCAR driver just to catch up and be able to take a good look at it! :laugh:
You might be a biker if......................................The girl you just brought home from a bar asks if you have protection, and you show her your new helmet and gloves.


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When you try to split lanes and realize you are in your wife's truck! (It's a Cali Thang) True story!
when you don't use your side mirrors and keep turning ur head back to check out if the lane next to you is clear or not while driving your car..
You can slow down from 100+MPH to 70MPH in a split second after spotting a California Highway Patrol/Trooper/LEO (even in an unmarked Crown Vic or Charger). :whistle:


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When you realize that weather is irrelevant and that there is a mod for every occasion or road condition, you do it and ride on!!



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When your wife screams at you when the paypal bill arrives--"$700 bill? What have you been buying for the bike now??? "

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