You know you had a bad day when...


Well it starts out like this... I got to work today at noon (when I was scheduled to arrive). I can't get on my computer as the previous user is still there and has me locked out. Good - I get paid for an hour of standing around. Bad - I was standing around for an hour. A few hours go past... IS/IT folks go home. Network card takes a crap on me, and now I can do nothing. My cell rings and it is another company telling me they have a 2 week assignment for me if I want it.......Starting Monday....... Start cleaning up and fax my time card off to Aerotek. Walking back to my desk a sieries of explosions occur in the plant (foundry). I pack my crap up and get out pronto..... Everyone has already evacuated the plant and is in the parking lots. I leave for home... Deliema..... I don't know if there is going to be work for me next week or not where I currently am working. Hell at this point I don't know how much of the plant is damaged or how much is left.... I have two weeks guarnteed elesewhere. Fortunately everything is honky-dorey at the homestead. Only thing left to do is decide on what's for dinner.

Hope yours was better than mine,

happy v-day.

sounds like it could be worse, but at least you have the weekend to play. right?
Play... HMMMMM. Winter storm warning for tomorrow. Rain, freezing rain, then snow... Maybe I'll ice skate down the street. Even better just sleep in all weekend.

Sounds like you had a rough day. If it makes you feel better you're not the only one that can't get out this weekend. I'm down and out for atleast a month while my leg heals. Hopefully the weather wiil miss you and thing get better. Injoy your weekend.
Steel and aluminum foundry. We pour castings there. I don't know if any one was hurt. Since I could no longer work regardless, I just came home. I sure hope no one was hurt though. At first I thought someone had dropped something from the overhead crane. Then it cascaded and got worse.


Don't feel bad. If you do get out please enjoy it for all of us who can't. Spring is coming though. I can smell it in the air and my alergies are starting to act up allready.


I had knee surgery about 11 years ago. I still, and will allways have 2 screws in my knee. Spent 5 weeks on crutches. Physical therapist gave me the instructions and I pushed them to the limit. My knee is now stronger than it ever was and I have total range of motion. Something they said I'd never have. If it makes you feel better it will probably be at least a month before I get a decent ride in anyhow.


You get your pimp mobile out of the body shop and discover that you need to replace all the belts...

One furnace was taken out. No one was hurt, and everyone was back to work on Monday.




you know its a bad day when you finally get a condo rented and two days later the heat pump goes out, you pay $700 to get it fixed after two days and then the person decides they want a full refund because the place was not ready to rent.
I had a bunch of bad days...It want stop raining...I need to put a coat of wax on my ride...I supposed to snow Sunday...Where should I stop...
after being without my baby for a month i'm finally suppose pick it up this week and they are talking about snow and ice ...... Ok I'm moving further south