You cheating hayabusa


We all make mistakes, and say things that we wish we could take back. Well, I am guilty as charged! (of being a big CRY BABY). I made a bad error in judgment, in posting and thinking the comments that I said about this site. I just let my competitive attitude get in the way of my command sense. I personally love and respect all sportbike riders and never should have said anything negative about a fellow SportBike Rider. I will always use caution, when addressing from now on. To show my sincerity, I have asked to be removed from the top 100 list.
:whip: Real speed demons love this site! Get a life sporthype and dont waste our time by dissin this kool site...dumbass!

I guess you really never looked at value. Just pictures Stunts,vids, and oh don't forget those models. Get real Hype is right!!
I didn't do anything other than host this site, and ask everyone to go and vote... Now I'm a cheater, oh well I suppose that you guys are not suppossed to vote ! I still appreciate seeing number 1.

thanks all you cheaters !!!!
Oh well. I think what he was really upset about is that their site went from first to 4th. Every vote counts.
If they keep up the bitching I will just make a script that votes every 10 seconds from an outside IP.... Ninja eater that would be automation !!
Just a question, If the site that sportbikehype put up was the "Real Voting Site". Than why are we not on there?? Are thay scared that we would even beat them out there, there own voting area.

we beat them once, we can do it again. anywhere, anytime.

The reason that we are not on the link that he put up is because I refuseto put a link up to that site... Here is the deal guys, those voting sites are run like a business. They give all of the bike sites the ability to put your own banner up and then they tell you what you rank.. Its more of a "My site is better than yours" braggin rights type thing. In exchange for the website like gets tons of traffic and hits and then they go and sell banner ads to make money. So in essence everytime that you go to a site like that and vote you are making them money....... If I were to really participate then I would put a banner with a link to the voting site on my main page. The only thing that I would get out of it would be braggin rights, I am not into that, I am not here to compete with anyone other than myself. But I will share this little tid bit with ya, if I wanted to dominate those voting sites I have no doubt that we could easily take it over...... In short I am not going to get all wadded up over someone coming here calling me a cheat! Hahahahaa that is probably the nicest thing that anyone has called me today. If you guys want to vote then go for it, however it only makes the other sites stronger.... The voting thing is an old ploy use to get free traffic and advertisements, dont get to caught up in it, that is why they always clear the counters and start from scratch, so that you always think that you were soooooo close to getting number one. We are running about 1.7 million hits a month, 80 gig worth of traffic, over 20,000 unique IP's and lots of nerw members on the board. I have plenty of traffic, so much that I wonder sometimes what the hell am I doing. I originally bought the domain as a hobby, something to do to keep my skills up, "Dougs little Hayabusa website was the intention" Run a search using google, msn, yahoo, excite, any of them, use the words like hayabusa, videos, pictures, and see if you see thats what I thought !!!! What name do you see ???? Rock on guys, sit back enjoy and the truth will set you free.
sportbikehype, aren't you the one who posted your banner linking to the voting site here a while back? FYI, Top100, Top50, etc. sites are all crap. I have been on the net long enough to know all the 'cheating' and tactics used by sites, including misleading links, multiple pop-ups and scripting, not to mention some of the spyware used when you shift to other, shadier genres.

Other than the possibility of money-per-click offered by some sites, voting sites are crap. If you want money, I'd suggest littering your site with porn and illegal software banners and pop-ups.

You can get paid money for looking at PORN ??????

I am in the wrong business
Your not the only one in the wrong bizz. I need to find someone that will pay me for surfin porn sites, that would be cool and would pay all net time, that would be sweet.

Cap, your write, if you do a search for hayabusas and videos, There we are, strong and proud.

Hold your head up high, look all the others in there face and say "Piss Off" cause were to stay and were not goin anywhere anytime soon.

But one question: why do we not have models?? Models would be nice. I think??? wouldnt thay?? OH well, We still have the sweetest bike on the road and thats all that matters.
I thought it humorous that some sites took this serious. We did it for fun, and it was so easy. You're right Cap. We could have done real automation if we wanted it would be about 1,000 hits per 90 seconds. Hey we have are proof for number one, time to move on.
Correction, that should be 'paid' for 'offering' porn or offering advertising for porn, not for 'surfing' for porn. I know because I've seen some good (unrelated) sites go to hell because they resorted to porno banners, since those pay the best. Regular commerce banners don't pay crap.
Well guys I guess that it's true you can be too good... Notice the picture that we are number 150 dead last... Someone voted too many times, looks like the ballots were counted in Florida..... hahahahahahaha

Is that supposed to be negative 99,999? What a load of crap.

We don't need banners and we don't need top 150 sites.
I got a nasty gram in email too, here it is..

You are receiving this e-mail because of suspicious activity on your Sportbike Rider Picture Website Top 100 Sites account. Several other members of the Top Sites application have complained that your numbers are artificially inflated and have watched times where your vote count has jumped by over 200 votes in 15 minutes.

Cheating will not be tolerated. We have set your total votes to a very low number for this week and will monitor your account each week to look for more suspicious activity. If we deem that your account continues to receive inflated votes, it will be disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Matthew Mathers
ATV Rider Picture Website (
Dirtbike Rider Picture Website (
Sportbike Rider Picture Website (
Streetbike Rider Picture Website (

I replied and told them to take my banner off, there is nothing in it for me except to be called a cheat by How do you cheat on an open forum where the intent is to see how many people went to your link? Anyway, I have plenty of traffic here and lot's to worry about I don't need anything else.