Need hayabusa riders - can you help?

They don't ask for much do they... I fit all of it (was an MSF Site Coordinator/Instructor) but on the road for 2 months with a family is a bit much. Ah... to be 25 again...
to be single and free again. good luck i hope someone from the org. gets it and has a blast
This seems to good to be true! I meet all qualifications! I'm retired, foot loose and fancy free and ready and willin'!! I don't need the pay, I'd do it for free......Sheesh!
I'm applying immediately!
Just sent my resume and pic! Oh how good it is to be 24 and still slightly immature with my decisions! Hope the pay is decent enoigh to live on! CC, good luck bro, here hopin we end up doin this thing together!!
For those who are interested in the position and have sent e-mails to to get more info, I just wanted to let you know that we will contact you first thing next week with more information. At this point we are processing everything we've received so far and will move forward individually with everyone early next week.

Thanks and keep spreading the word! We'll have multiple teams so we'll need more than a few sportbike riders.

Casting Manager

They had me up to the "bright, energetic and engaging" part....

Geez, do I have to be good looking too?
Drug screen? I,m out!
yea, i was too hi to pass the msf class

<span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>Hello?!! HOW MUCH IS THE "SALARY"?</span>

Too many of these deals have a cr@p-@ss salary, something that sounds good to a teenager, and the per diem is like $7 for lunch and f*ck your gas.

So, Mister Big Shot Promise Maker, you don't have a problem with being specific about qualifications, so fill us in on salary, too.
I'd go for $7/hr, if gas was paid and I kept the bike afterward. Only thing is I'm not MSF certified, and 3 tickets on my record...
And I don't have the attitude like I've just guzzled 2 gallons of raw sugar, so that would probably get me rejected real quick.

I've got all the time in the world, though.
I think if you're doing it to make money you have the wrong mindset.  If you can travel and stay somewhere for free, put miles on someone else's bike and they give you $ for food, consider it the king of all cheap vacations.  At least that would be my take.  I'd be all over that if I wasnt married.  Work likes me enough that I could leave and they'd take me back but I'd get in way too much trouble partying every night and looking for trouble 24hrs a day

Now if this was for Vivid ENTERTAINMENT I might just have to go fo it
Kobe Tai here I come

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