Yoshimura Tri-Oval


Hey gang,

Any one have experiance with these?


Tri-Oval Exhaust System
The Tri-Oval system is a dual titanium tip racing exhaust. It features tapered quick-release headers using the latest in exhaust design technology. Mated to the collector is an exotic new muffler shape that offers


  maximum ground clearance and great sound.

The Tri-Oval system is available in stainless steel and titanium full system with titanium sleeve or optional carbon fiber sleeve.

Tri-Oval is available in race only configuration.

Feedback I am looking for:
1. Any issues with heating / melting the fairing. Not enough heat reflective tape?
2. Issues with changing the oil / different clearence between the oil filter and the pipes?
3. Build Quality?
4. Bad Experiences?
5. Carbon Fiber cracking?
6. Really Loud?

Thanks in advance.

i have this exhaust with the carbon can and it looks and sounds awsome. by far the coolest exhaust i have seen.
I went with the full system SS yosh tri oval single tip ( price was the factor and would like the Titanium...) I love the look, sound ( solid but not too loud ) and have had no problems with the fit or melting... I did not use any extra wrap.

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I have the Full Titanium Tri Oval System with the Carbon can ...have had it for a few years. I absoulutely love this exhaust. It sounds Great, not too loud. No fit problems. No melting problems. No problems with doing maintenance. Carbon Fiber Still looks as good as the day it was put on...I will have to say that the bike is Garage Kept and the carbon fiber hasn't really seen alot of direct sun (which is a killer for carbon fiber).

Build quality is great...however I should point out that mine was hand built. The shop owner is a friend and is sponsered by Yosh. So he called and had them build this exhaust for my bike...I think I have the first one ever built (kind of cool). My only complaint is that it wasn't cheap even at cost.
I had a Yosh Tri-Oval on my GSXR750. I wanted the dual tip model, but I couldnt get it. Apparently you have to "special order" it from Japan, and you need to specify dual tip to get it.

I was kinda pissed what happened with mine. One of the pipes was really close to my radiator. After one night of top end runs, my pipe rubbed a hole in my radiator causing a steam-up on the side of I-75. I had to get a new radiator and modify it by spacing it away from the pipes with washers and an extended bolt.

Not only did it rub a hole in my radiator, the Stainless Tri-Oval can came from the factory with a dent on it. I've seen tri-ovals come with dents on them all the time, so triple check your exhaust can before you install anything. Yosh was a major pain in the ass on returning the pipe, I ended up getting a discount and wasnt pleased at all. Check the pipe when you get it for dents

Ever since then I had a bad taste in my mouth about Yosh, but everyone swears by them. It came dented and rubbed a hole in my radiator. I'll never get Yosh again


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Sorry to bring this old topic back up...but I own the full titainum system. Its not installed yet so I can't tell you about any rubbing problems. Major difference it'll be on a busa not a 750. I had zero dents, perfect little system. The dual tips is not a Japan only thing. I bought my system from www.exoticsportbike.com They had the lowest price on on the full system dual tips. And they are hard to find at online stores...very few carry them. Quality is probably the best I've seen of any pipe. Also for the busa it only comes in 4-2-1.