TiForce Exhaust

yup i run tiforce its awsome.

Go for the Orient Express SUMO:

Orient Express - Stainless Full Exhaust - Oval Titanium Canister - Suzuki - GSX 1300R Hayabusa 1999-2007/Sumo

Lots more power.

Best price was from Fuel Moto: http://www.fuelmotousa.com/

Jamie is fantastic. Lots of support and info. He has Power Commander maps for it too.

(I think it looks better also!)

Just my 2 cents

Mike A
Contact some of the sponsors first, might be able to get you a better price. Wait, is Orient Express a sponsor?
got my TiForce thru GM Busa-great deal on an AWESOME system-made more hp than my HMF full dual system, and weighd LESS than half as much!

It is a very nice system. I personally didn't think it was very loud. Depends on what you are looking for in tone. My Tsukigi is extremely loud, and sounds great!
TiForce makes a great product and they make good power. I have one and love it. Just because a pipe is loud doesn't mean it makes more horses.
Sorry ya'll. I disagree. To much money. Brock Davidson megaphone stuby with there suport maps for $1065.00. the best for the Busa.
tiforce, brocks pipe(any of them), would be my 2 choices when i get a pipe for my 08.

i have the brock street meg on my 02 now and it is awesome.