Wish us luck.


Just had two police officers knock at the door.

They are evacuating all the residents where I live in Jaywick, as there is a tidal surge coming up the east coast of England.
The water could be up to 10ft deep.

Got my mum to a evacuation centre.

Lynne went to her daughters this morning as she is getting married on Saturday.
And now she has got to come home again, it's a four hour drive.

I'd be alright by myself but I've got all the animals here with me.
Got to get them somewhere safe.

Got to get all the electrical stuff safe as well.

Supposed to hit us at midnight.

I'll let you know what happens.
Oh wow, hope you guys are ok. Where did you put the busa and Lynne's scooter?
WoW...good luck, makes our impending ice storm seem pretty insignificant in comparison!!
Thanks for the concern everyone.

Everyone's fine thanks.

Lynne didn't get home until 15mins, before it was due to hit.
Due to a big accident on the motorway on her way home, she was stuck in traffic for about 3 hours.

Decided to stay, thinking about it, it was a silly thing to do, but in the end we couldn't move the dogs.
We was advised to leave pets behind, and we just couldn't do that.
My daughter took the two rabbits and the spider to her friends and stayed there.
The emergency services knocked at our door at gone 2am, and said we had to evacuate, as the warning was severe.
But we stayed.

We got away with it, been lots of flooding along the east coast.
Just up the road from us the sea came over the sea wall but no damage.
Over the years they have extended the beach out a long way, so the sea doesn't come up to the wall anymore, but it still got to the wall yesterday.
Just a bit more and it would have flooded.

I really don't know how it missed us.
We have been really lucky.
This is the worst flood here in Jaywick since 1953 when 35 people were killed.

They were saying on the news it was caused by low air pressure, high winds and high tides.

The Busa and Lynne's scooter, we left them in the garage, and hoped for the best.
Put all the electrical stuff up on cupboards.

Just waiting to hear about when Mums coming home.
If my daughter gets home soon we will go and get her.

Thanks again everyone.
Will post again if anything else happens.

Wow, that's not something you want to hear may be coming your way. I'm so glad you're all OK Dave! :)
Mum got home a few hours ago.
She spent the night at one of the local schools.

She came in and had a cry.
She felt guilty that she had left us alone and was worried about the animals.

She said the people at the school were very nice, she was hungry so they gave her a plate of biscuits.
Then she had sausage chips and beans.
And a sausage in a roll for breakfast.
Strange as she doesn't eat meat.:laugh:

I've been in to check on her and she was eating a big bar of chocolate and reading the newspaper.
Shes coming in for a takeaway soon.

Robyn my daughter is home with the two rabbits and spider.
We put all the electrical stuff back.

Lynne and my daughter have gone back to be at the wedding.

So everything is good.

Thanks again everyone.

Two rabbits and a spider? As in a pet spider? I think we need a pic of this, for GSXRBOTS...he's a huge fan of spiders... :whistle:

Glad Mom's OK too! Sounds like she enjoyed herself :laugh: