It was like a farce.


Went for a drink with mum dad and Lynne yesterday. I got down the pub at about 11 o'clock, mum and dad went shopping and to a cafe, then Lynne came down, and mum and dad came later and drank orange juice.
Went home about 7 o'clock.
Now this was what happened, I said to Lynne are you drunk, she said no, I said are you tipsy, no again. I knew she was drunk because I was. I knew something was going to happen from past experiences.
Got home and Lynne goes in to one.
She says to me I'm going to bed don't you follow me, yep here we go, so she goes to go to bedroom and all of a sudden two of the dogs start fighting in the bedroom, so were trying to separate them I've got the Alsatians Narla's collar and Lynne's got our collie Labrador cross Holly around the chest.

My mum panics and starts crying.
Lynne's shouting at me, saying I'm kicking you out, you can go home with your mum and dad, so I say can I take the Busa and she say no you can just get out.

Then the dogs suddenly let go of each other and I fall over backwards, fell on a big bowl of water and was still trying to hold on to Narla Narla's collar.
Well I hurt my side and couldn't get up, and Lynne wouldn't help me up.
Eventually I did manage to get up, and put Narla in the bathroom.
Then me dad starts hollering and shouting so I had to calm him and mum down. Then Lynne rushes out in to the garden having a panic attack and
shouting I can't breath I'm going to die. So I got a bag so she could breath into as she was hyperventilating.
I eventual calmed her down and she had three cigarettes, she stopped smoking a few months ago. Well everything calmed down in the end and Lynne apologized.
This morning Lynne was crying because she thought i was going to leave her, I told her I would never leave her so that is all sorted out.
I got a couple of bites on my hand so it's a bit sore and stiff just like my side.
Haven't had a Barney like that for years, but I had to vent so thank you everyone.
Well, at least it’s over and done with. Too bad mom and dad had to see. My wife gets mad and says she’s the one leaving.... it always ends with her telling me she’s sorry and that I better not ever leave her or she will hunt me down. I knew what I was getting in to when I married her. Those Mexican chicks are nutz :laugh:. Okay, the PC term is Hispanic and Latin woman are just full of passion.
Was engaged to a gal that was great when not drinking but give here a couple rum and cokes and look out. When not drinking she was a very nice lady head manager of a well know Chain store. I knew I was in trouble when she would say whatever Jerry (you know one of those words). I actually called the cops on her twice. It was like Dr Jeckyll Mr. Hyde. I finally had to call it off was afraid she'd knife me in my sleep. Really hurt her but I kept thinking how did I get my self into this. My friends all said she was crazy.
Glad you came to terms :thumbsup:

I don't let the wife drink in public. She picks fights with other people for me to settle.

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Dude, I had a hard time following your post but I can imagine a home filled with drunks and violence, barking dogs, and parents that don't know what to do. how old are you, are you and your woman living with your parents? Sounds awful but from what I get out of this one of you has to move on. I can talk, i left my first wife and disrupted the lives of our two kids because my wife at the time was getting out of hand, similar to what you described. Life can be peaceful and pleasant when you find the right one, don't excuse one battle after another just because she has a virginia.
Good to hear things are ok now, and even better to hear you didn`t ride after drinking. I dont remember what the statistics are here in the US, but I THINK, that over 50% of motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol.
I used to drink pretty heavy, but not at all for 17 years.
Hope your hand heals ok time when I was `all liquered up`, I had a little ankle biter poodle bite the crud outa my hand and it hurt for weeks seems like. That dog had split personality...crazy!
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OldMan, no it is nothing like that I usually drink two or three times a month, and Lynne every six weeks or so. My mum and dad are on holiday with us, and like lil charlie said it was shame they had to see this.
It was just a one off caused by Lynne getting to drunk. It was a very very rare occasion to have a argument like this. And there is no violence at all in my house.
The dogs are alright we've got four and I love them like they are my children, they are all dogs which people didn't want. We also have two cats, a rabbit, a snake and a tarantula. Lynne and me love each other very much.
By the way I'm 55 and Lynne is 47, and believe me i like a peaceful and quite life.
Anyway thank you for your concern.
And thanks to ever body else.