How do animals know things.


Lynne took Tilly our Lurcher and Nev our Welsh collie out for a walk on the beach.
She had Tilly on a 45ft training lead so she could have a run.
Nev was mucking about around Lynne's legs and tilly pulled Lynne over on the sand.
When Lynne got home she found out she had lost her glasses.

So she took our Labrador Collie cross Holly and went to look for them.
She said she couldn't find her glasses where she fell over.
So said to Holly "Oh Holly go and find mummy's glasses.
So Holly run off started to paw the sand then sat down.
Lynne went there and Holly was sitting next to her glasses.
Holly has always been clever and seems to understand everything you say.
So now we know she does.
Canine sense of smell is around 1500 times better than human. It was no big deal for the dog to find her glasses, the dog probably doesn't understand why she couldn't find them herself.
Lynne and I was saying that Holly must have been able to smell the glasses.
But what we was thinking was how did Holly understand the praise "Oh Holly go and find mummy's glasses".