All the dogs are ill.


Our dogs have been ill for the last five days with kennel cough. Started with Crixus, he started coughing one morning, then the next day Holly got it, then Max and Narla.
Lynne looked on the Internet and it said give them peppermint tea, Honey and vitamin C tablets, so off to the shops we went, then Lynne made up a batch of medicine for them,:laugh:, give it to them three time a day, and now they are getting better. I was getting worried because Lynne said it can turn to pneumonia, then she told me it only usually happens in older dogs or if dogs are poorly when they get it.
Lynne gone to visit her daughter so I'm on dog duty.
Just gave them their medicine, and two of them are playing me up and won't drink it, I just tried it myself and it does taste horrible.
Just withhold SEX until they give in. :laugh:

Well it seems to work for the better half. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: