One of the dogs is getting old


Robyn my step daughter goes to visit her dad in London, every now again.

Her dad looks after her sister Tina's dog Prince, his a Border Collie, I always ask about him when she comes home and she always says his all right.
Well got home from the pub with Lynne yesterday, and she said she had something to tell me, it was that Prince was ill, her ex husband has to carry him to the garden to go to the toilet and his losing weight.

Then she burst into tears, and said she felt guilty for not telling me about him but she didn't want to upset me, she knows how much I love animals.
I said you don't have to feel guilty, you was just protected me.

Well Prince has had a good life, he is 14 years old Tina's nan and granddad bought him for her when she was 12 years old, he lived with Lynne and her four daughters, then when Tina got older she moved out and they didn't allow dogs there so Lynne looked after him.

Then Lynne got illegally evicted from her place, long story which I won't go into here, and we moved to her brothers, he and his girlfriend had cats so he couldn't go there, so my mum and dad looked after him for about six months until we got a place.
My mum spoiled him rotten lots of dog treats, she would say I've given him a piece of cake but it's all right it's weight watchers cake.:laugh:.
I told her not to do it as he would get fat, but she said it's ok it's only a little bit of cake.

Well when Lynne and me went to pick him up he looked like a barrel with a tiny face, so we got him home and had to put him on a diet.

Next he went to live with Tina's dad as she didn't live far from him so she could go and see him when she wanted to.

So it looks like his coming to the end of his life, I know I will cry when he finally passes, but then I know he has had a good life, and been with people who love him.
Sorry about that but I know that feeling. We have one about that same age but we try not to talk about it. Time will heal the pain...somewhat