Lynne and the Ferret.


Lynne went to the shop over the road yesterday, she was only gone a little while and then she came in with a Ferret.
It was running about near the road.
Some guy wouldn't pick it up because he thought he might get bit.
It was a bit wet and thin and looking very sorry for himself/herself.
Lynne got some dog food for it and it was very hungry.
Shes going to get some proper food for it today.
Very friendly, well it didn't bite or pee on me like animals tend to do.:laugh:
It is a albino.

Lynne wants to keep it, she said god sends these creatures for a reason.
We found a Rabbit in the road once and all our dogs are what people didn't want.

So looking for a cage at the moment.

Think it is a girl if so it's being called Bloofer Lady.
If it is a boy it's being called Neville F***ing Bartos.
Don't know if I can write that?.

Well I hope it turns out ok.
Here's some pics.
Lynne went out and brought a large cage and toys for her/him.





Yep all my animals seem to misbehave in one way or another.:laugh:

I think I'd be calling my insurance agent to make sure I was covered due to an animal temper tantrum. :whistle:
I'll bet it wouldn't take that critter to long to figure out how to open that cage. Then all hell breaks loose.

Be prepared as we are going to want to see pictures or a video of the damage that occurs. :poke: