Lynne's Rabbits.


Lynne had to have her two rabbits Truscott and Wiggins put to sleep within a few days of each other a couple of weeks ago.
They both got Myxomatosis.
We didn't know pet rabbits could get it.
She was so upset.
And of course I cried my eyes out.
She is in the garden dismantling their big hutch and is very upset.
So I showed her the rainbow bridge story what MelodicMetalGod put on rubb's post when his dog passed away.
She thought it was lovely and made her feel a bit better.
:( Poor Lynne

I'm sorry newman...I had rabbits way back when, had the coolest rabbit hutch too. It looked like an old Victorian house.

Any pics of Trusott and Wiggins? I love their names :)
Go move some furniture around,, get her mind off the rabbits and on to you,, give her something to fuss about,,, you know how to do it,,, ps.,, sorry for the loss, you do get attached, no matter how hard you try not to ,,,
Thanks everyone.
Lost all the pics of rabbits when my computer went wrong but there is pics of them on my post new rabbits.
sorry to hear of your loss! here's the pics from the other thread




just reading this I can smell the bunnies.
I raised rabbits when I was young. had a back yard full of dutch lop crosses, Unicorn Bunnies. :laugh:

im sorry you lost your bunnies. :down:

they do make great pets and a good source of food.
Good source of food? Pfft, I ended up with pet rabbits because I knew someone was raising 'em for food red! :laugh:

My boys keep asking me for rabbits; I keep handing 'em one of the 8 cats we already have. Perhaps I should just put bunny ears on the cats? Hrmmmm... :D