Winter's coming..preps anyone?


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What do you guys and gals do to winterize your bikes? I'm in Ohio....depending on the year it could stay 40's to 60's or could be minus 10....this state is really freaky. Anyway I've never winterized any of my other bikes, but this one's special and I want to treat her right. Any help/advice would be appreciated.....

The obvious ones are to make sure your oil viscosity is right for the temp range you will ride in. The coolant needs to be Antifreeze and not Engine Ice. the problem now is freezing sitting in the parking lot and not overheating. You may need to bump up the "choke" RPM to keep it turning when the engine is cold soaked. Try to keep it in the garage and relatively warm. Rubber and plastic take a beating from the cold.

And if you have extra bucks, buy tire warmers to get your rubber sticky before you go out.:D
Thanks for the input use2b.....You're right where I need2b!
Depends on whether you have to stop driving or not, if not then Sierra has mentionned that.  But if you have to stop driving it for any length of time, it will depend on where it is stored.  i.e. in your living room would be ideal (controlled environment).  If it sits in a garage/shed/outdoors, varying temps and condensation, you will want to ensure anything in contact with oil gets cleaned and re-oilled.  Change engine oil, I use cheap stuff for storage and burn it in the four wheeler the next winter.  Clean the chain and oil.  Change any fluids that might be contaminated with any condensation, brake/clutch fluids.  Fill the tank completely add fuel stabilizer first and run the engine to ensure it gets through the lines.  pull the plugs and add a small amount (teaspoon) to each cylinder and roll over with plugs removed to spread it.  Then, giv ethe bike a good cleaning (wash) and oil down anything made of metal.  Coming out of storage repeat the fluid changes back to good stuff and wash and wax.

Some refs I use are,,  You can go do a google search for winter storage and get dozens of links.

  My $.02.  There was frost here Mon and Tues, I might have to do this to mine soon.  I usually put it off until nearly Christmas in hopes of getting in a few rips.
i just put mine up. and i have to agree with bug's advice. i keep mine out side under a bike cover and i just gave it a through cleaning/wax and cleaned and lubed my chain. next when i get bucks is the oil change and fuel stablizer.
i have to add that starting the bike and getting it up to temp for a while or even riding it for a few miles is not a bad idea. i rode my last bike in november in the 40s just so i can get things flowing and moving.
letting it stand still is the worst thing you can do.
ride it a few miles at least once a week. no matter the cold. if you have to do it in the rain BECAREFULL and when back home wash and lube it agian.
before you know it spring is here.
As long as you actually drive it and run it up to operating temp should be ok.  but don't run just the engine up to operating temp and shut it off.  There are different opinions on this so I tried it last Spring before I took out my "storage" oil.  I ran just the engine up to middle on the guage shut it off, let it cool down, and drained the oil, I could not believe the water in it.
I dumped it back in and took it for a drive for a couple of hours to dry it out before changing.

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Everything Bugs said ...and get a battery tender!

I'm glad i live in the Mid-eastern states we may get a some snow, but i've never had to park a bike for the whole winter, I usually get to ride (cold weather riding one some occassions) at least every couple of weeks over winter... Sometimes i just feel the need to catch some breeze...

Anyway what Bugs said :D
It was briefly mentioned by "Bugs" up there...fill the tank...if it's not topped off, condensation could build up and mix with your gas...

I think I'll just bring my Busa inside the house to keep him warm! Sounds a lot easier! :D
Thanx for the replies.....I'm still trying to ride at least once a week for as long as I can. Til' it snows or sleets I will continue to deny winter is here. When it does get here I will take all of your advice whole heartedly........Thanks again!
my winter preperation is top tank off, make sure clean oil is in the bike, doesnt need to be the expensive stuff you would run on normally, clean whole bike thoroughly, including engine. suspend on paddock stands to avoid flat spots on tyres (only if they are not being replaced before you start riding again) and then WD 40 every where to keep condensation off. condition battery every 2 weeks (if alarm fitted) longer periods if not are fine. i normally run the engine up and run through the gears slowly on the paddock stand every month. wd40 again for as long as crap weather here. get my other bike out and keep riding (older cbr 600 which is road legal and used for trackdays)
Here's one bike that's winter-ready.

I had to put the liner in my jacket last Sunday!This winter stuff can be tough to deal with,but I am dedicated!

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i checked on my bike yesterday and
holy crap it was a sweat shop underneath
the bike was wet and damp
needless to say i was pissed
i went to the cycle gear store and bought a 100% rain proof cover
I took the old one and put it up in storage
the new cover was 50 bucks and it seems like it works well
i checked on it today and it was dry i also put some of the stuff they put in gun racks to keep them dry from moisture
air dry pellets from walmart

if any body hasnt checked on their bike latly do it
dont wait like me and find your busa sweatin like a pig in a butcher shop

the cover is a silver cover comes in a clear see through bag at clcle gear stores
(if any one needs it)