Winter storage


hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could give me some tips on storing a bike for our long winters in Ohio. I am mainaly asking for my best friend because he just bought his first bike. So he wants to take care of her the best he can. we know abt your suposed to get the gas out of the carbs and stuff and his manual says how to do that, but that cant be all there is to it. do u have to add any type of fuel additive to keep it good for abt 4-5months?
well thanks for all your help.

(by the way its a kawi ZX-6R)

1. fill the gas tank full, add STABIL, drive around for 5 more minutes, park
2. check tire pressure WEEKLY, keep them maxed
3. if on floor, roll forward 4 inches DAILY, best to put up on stands up off the floor
4. remove battery, or attach battery tender/charger
5. check antifreeze for proper temps - or have mechanic do it

if you ride in the cold:
1. deflate tires by 6 lbs [random generated number] for greater cold surface traction
2. start it daily to keep it happy
3. watch for more: leaves, sand, salt, water, oil, snow, slush and invisible ice
Forgot; drain the oil and fill to the top of the neck with (cheapest) mineral. Drain when ready to ride. Fill to appropriate line with oil of choice.
thanks guys

WWJD thanks for the tips, I think I can handle that. Ill relay all this to my dude.

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thanks tho to both of you

I knew someone would help me out.

Instead of rolling the bike foreward you can inflate the tires to 10 lbs over recomended pressure, or use front and rear stands.
ok i think stands sounds the coolest, but of course they do cost $$$, how much for some good ones???

I think ive seen em for $150, is that a good price. or in that range would they be cheap POS's.

Thanks Big Wall.

Pit bull stands (a rear one) will cost you around $150-170. Some places may have em a bit cheaper, some a bit more expensive. I bought so much crap at my dealer he took 10% of a 160.00 I paid $144.00.

It is very handy for maintenance and for storage in cold. Putting your bike up on the stand is also easy....a one man job. you can just put a 1-2 inch block of wood under your kick stand. the bike will have only a slight lean angle (do not leave the busa in this position unatttended as it would be prone to falling over) Then I position the pit bull right under the spools and lift right up. I am only 170 pounds and the thing works like a piece of cake.

Get will not regret it.
Ya, around $150 for a Pit Bull rear stand. It helps a lot with chain maintenance also. I don't have a front stand yet so I can't give you a number there. There are cheaper stands out there but they don't have the quality of a Pit Bull.
Ditto......chain maintenance is critical on a Busa (along with many things). Especially for those that ride their bikes HARD. A chain break can be a major pain.....the pit bull makes removal of grease and dirt very easy and application of new lubricant a breeze. Just don't use K-Y Jelly as someone on this site once inquired about. Notice some of the pics on this board. Many members have chains that are freakin immaculate. Take care of her and she'll take care of you
ok kool,

thanks guys thats a small price to pay for such ease of use and what not. yeah my dad has always taught me from day one about chain health and taking care of it. are the pit bull stands make and model specific? or could i use it on a couple dif bikes? sounds great may be put on the xmas wish list, but riding gear would prob be better. maybe some Vansons :beerchug:

hey a boy can dream.. anyways i was real real good this summer, i didnt kick a single cage
, santa has to bring me some vansons..

The pit bull I got at a dealer will lift several types of bikes. There is a kit for spools or you can convert the pit bull (parts all included) to lift at the swing arm. If I can figure it out, anyone can.

A good vanson will run 500-600 minimum and thats just the jacket. Undervest liner.....125 more....pants much more. They have a vanson "glow in the dark" jacket...will cost about $800.

But the high price is worth it as many folks who have gone down at 80+mph with full leathers have survived to ride another day.

But, many dealers will bargain with you. You just have to speak up. Say you are going to "shop this around...can you do better."? Nearly 100% of the time you will get at least 10% knocked off the pricetag. Or, buy enough stuff from one guy and you'll get all sorts of nice 15-20% discounts. NEVER EVER PAY FULL PRICE. I once bought $750 dollars worth of stuff from a a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket (normally 149.00) for $ they will deal.
thanks babuski,

im pretty good at stickin up for myself, i always get a good deal.

thanks again..