winter electric charger battery gizmo


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gettin service, tires, heli-bars [OOH! A MOD!] and mentioned I'll be riding all winter... tech sold me on installing a plug in for my busa for $30 that attached to the battery and plugs into the wall - checks battery charge and trickle charges as needed. Did I just buy some snake oil or is this pretty good for cold winter months???
Nope thats a damn fine idea... THough you might want to remove the battery completely from the bike just in case it farts or something... But trickle chargers are good insurance.
Battery Tender. You do not have to install you can jsut take the seat of once a week to fully charge up. i use mine after every ride, it is just as easy to remove the seat. I just did not want extra wires hanging around, i have enough of those.
Thanks man, you guys and Revlis` rock. ;)
I bought a Battery Tender back when I had my V-Max as that bike ate batteries and getting at the battery was not easy.  Great investment as my battery life increased significantly after I started using the Battery Tender and I just left the battery in the bike over the winter with the BT attached (7 years without a problem and my battery was always ready to go in the spring).  

With the Busa I'm still using the BT, but the battery seems much better on this bike.  And if I do need to replace it it's a piece 'o cake compared to the Max!
WWJD, if you've got a battery tender , you need a pigtail to attach to the battery terminals.  That way, it's real easy to hook the tender up...just plug it in!  The Wifey & I have nine bikes right now, and each has a pigtail attached.  I go from bike to bike on a weekly basis, and the batteries are always topped off. closed, link removed
Sweet! I got a lil dodad under my rear seat that I can plug in. Very easy! Thanks guys and gals.