Winter Battery Care....


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When the weather gets really cold in Chicago and the roads get full of snow and road salt, I will have to park my busa for a spell and tend to my battery. Some of you folks recommended a charger called Battery-:super:?? (either battery tender or battery minder).

Can you use this contraption with batteries that are sealed (maintenance free batteries)?

And how cold does it have to get before I have to remove the battery and put it on the charger?
tender. it works well. Keeps the battery up to top charge with out over charging and burning it out.
I heard it works like this, drain some, charge up, repeat, drain some, charge up, repeat, an so on.
But i could be wrong.
I have one it is called Battery Tender Junior. I am reading from the package it came in. Fully automatic,twostage lead acid battery charger. After reaching peak 14.4vdc charger automatically switches to 13.2 float voltage. When voltage drops below 12.6 charger resumes charging back to 14.4 vdc. It will work on gel cel and maintance free batteries.Your battery will not freeze as long as it is fully charged its just like the one in your car. The thing is I dont trust any battery charger enough to leave the battery in all winter and hope it stays charged.If it does freeze it will crack and then you have battery acid all over. The battery on your Busa is not that hard to take out and then put it on one of these small chargers.Thats the way I am going to do it. But not for a two more weeks I hope. WINTER SUCKS