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I just got the PB Double Bubble (thanks to all those who recommended it), and I don't know how to put it on. I removed the two hex screws (like Kevin did), but I'm wondering if I have to take the plastic pieces off on the inside of the screen.

On the inside of the screen, there's a piece of plastic (two concentric circles about 1cm in diameter). They are pretty much on the other side of those hex screws that I removed on the outside of the screen. Do I need to remove these, and if so, how? I don't want to hurt my baby!

This is funny, Last night I just put on my Zero Gravity DB and I had the same question....

After Removing the two hex nust you have to grab hold of the little rubber bastards and wiggle them on out of there, it takes a decent amount of force.  Just wiggle and pull they come right out.  You do not need to remove anything other than the two hex bolts and the rubber grommets/bolt things they screw into, nothing else and nothing on the otherside of the screen.

After You get the Power Bronze in place put screw the Hex nuts back into the rubber bits just a little bit and press them back into their respective holes, it really is that simple...
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Duuuuude. Thanks for the quick help! You get at least 5 days of good riding karma!

I never would have thought to pull them OUT. I was trying to push the sucker in.

The screen looks nice, but the fit isn't as nice as I would have hoped (around the screw holes), but that's OK. I can see the gauges now without having to look through the screen.

Thanks again!
Yeah No Sweat. Check my thread in General about the Zero G, I got some decent tips thrown my way...