Removal of right side fairing

Thrasher, BusaFever provided a link to the manual. I don't know if it works, but if it does, it can provide you with a wealth of knowledge. Did you receive those emails yet? If you did, were they helpful?
Hey Phat Joe..

Well Uhh hmm.. you see.. its like this.. wellll uhhh...

ok, I got it from my local Suzuki dealer.. However I do computer work for them and I have a relative that works there and we have done a lot of business (we the family, purchase of boats, wave runners, etc) with them so I am pretty much getting the fairing at cost, I dont want to say here because I dont want to cut my own throat, but retail on it for the copper is $515.00 and I am getting it for way under that.

But even at $515.00 I would rather pay an extra $65.00 and get one fromthe local dealer than to pay $450.00 to someone on ebay and take a chance on getting ripped (just the way I do business, would rather pay extra money for peice of mind and also for recourse in the event of any parts damage)
i hear ya thanks for the advice
Hey Mikey,

I am still going to play around with repairing the damaged one once I get it off the bike. I just figured I would buy a new one, and then if I can fix the damaged one I will have a spare for the next time I crunch it lol If I am still around to fix it...

So with that attitude, who wants to ride with me next? lol

Hey PB. didnt want to leave you hanging, but didnt want to make you feel bad either.. (in between a rock and a hard place) I never got the pages from you, but no worries, I downloaded the PDF file.. thank you very much for trying to get them to me.. I apprecieate the effort.
I'm IN!

Let's go!