Removal of right side fairing


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I should have my replacement fairing piece in a week or so.

Can someone tell me what I need to do to remove the old fairing?

I discovered when I tried to remove my wind screen that there is more than meets the eye, those plastic breakable rivets, the way things mesh together etc.

Does anyone of a portion of a manual they can email me? is it pretty simple?




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BTW, Thrasher, if all you're doing is replacing your fairing, you shouldn't need to remove your screen. But hey, if you want to remove the screen for your own personal knowledge, go for it, bro! Nothin' like getting to know your bike.
All you need to do is remove all the little screws and little plastic push pins. Just remember not to force anything. If you like, I can also email you what you need for the faring removal.
Everything is painfully obvious Thrasher.........dooooon't be sceeeered.
When ya slip the new one on, be very careful not to scratch the paint where the side panel joins the nose panel.......not speaking from experiance either but I was very close.
It's kinda tricky to fit it in there.......two peeps might be best for your first time.
the bolts on the sides and I think 1 plastic rivet in the front up inbetween the steering head and the fender... way in the back!!!
Hi PB,

The last email you sent you said

"Ron, I tried to email the manual to you, but it ended up crashing my
computer. Let me try again."

Never got anything after that.

No worries though, with the verbal you gave me added to what a few of the other folks have said I think I have a pretty good visual in my head as to what I need to do, so I think I am good to go.

Thanks everyone for the input....
huh? I sent another one with an attachement earlier today! Hrmm...let me see if I can send it again.
Your owners manual should give you a good overview. Use a thin flatblade screwdriver to pop the middle of the plastic rivet on the top filler panel up. There's also a hidden snap up there - you'll feel where it is when you start to try to pull it up. As for the plastic rivets underneath the nose, push the center of 'em in - you'll feel a pop, then they pull right out. To re-install them, pull the center pin out past flush, slide the rivet in place, then snap the center down flush with the shoulder.

Like was said earlier, be careful putting the new one on - it's easy to scratch things getting it lined up and in place. Go slow.
It can be a good idea to use masking tape near the edges. Especially where the metal tabs overlap. This can really save the paint from little scratches as the panels are worked into position.
yo thrasher where did you get your right side fairing from and what was the $$$ i just wreked and ive got all the replacements but the right and i'm searching for the best deal thanks
How did it all go?

Pinnged ya but yaou must have been busy.

I assume you decided not to repair it.

Got any picts of the ride?

Good Luck!

yo thrasher where did you get your right side fairing from and what was the $$$ i just wreked and ive got all the replacements but the right and i'm searching for the best deal thanks
Hey Phat Joe..

Well Uhh hmm.. you see.. its like this.. wellll uhhh...

ok, I got it from my local Suzuki dealer.. However I do computer work for them and I have a relative that works there and we have done a lot of business (we the family, purchase of boats, wave runners, etc) with them so I am pretty much getting the fairing at cost, I dont want to say here because I dont want to cut my own throat, but retail on it for the copper is $515.00 and I am getting it for way under that.

But even at $515.00 I would rather pay an extra $65.00 and get one fromthe local dealer than to pay $450.00 to someone on ebay and take a chance on getting ripped (just the way I do business, would rather pay extra money for peice of mind and also for recourse in the event of any parts damage)
Hey Mikey,

I am still going to play around with repairing the damaged one once I get it off the bike. I just figured I would buy a new one, and then if I can fix the damaged one I will have a spare for the next time I crunch it lol If I am still around to fix it...

So with that attitude, who wants to ride with me next? lol

Hey PB. didnt want to leave you hanging, but didnt want to make you feel bad either.. (in between a rock and a hard place) I never got the pages from you, but no worries, I downloaded the PDF file.. thank you very much for trying to get them to me.. I apprecieate the effort.