Help on ZG ST windscreen install


Would like some help on what to expect when I remove the 2 screws on the oem windsreen, I worry about something falling down into the fairing, the 2 blk. bottons on the inside, do they have anything to do with the windshield?  The ST screen will be delivered Tues. and I will ( I hope) be leaving for Deals Gap on Fri. I can't screw up. Thanks in advance.
Dont worry about those 2 black bottons falling into the fairing. They are attached to the windscreen and will have to be removed and installed onto the new screen. These buttons are what holds the windscreen to the fairing. I would just tell you to take your time, get an idea where things go before taking them apart and you will get it on there.

Also a little electrical tape on the front edge of the windscreen may keep some of the rattling down.

Hope this helps.
Dead Simple... The two plastic rivets inside don't have ANY effect on the windscreen itself but removing them will make the swap much easier. There is nothing that is going to cut loose and drop down inside your fairing. The Two small hex nuts on the top of your fairing are the only things holding your screen on and they attach to rubber boots with the captive nut at the bottoms.

So basically you gently push the centers in on the two Plastic rivets underneath just till they click and remove them.

The only reason for removing these is so you can push the rubber boots through from the top once you remove the allen head screws. You can just pull the rubber boots out and up from the top but it's easier this way. Just seperate the inner from the windscreen after and you will be able to reach in and pull the rubber boots right out.

Once you have the rubber captive nuts and screws out. The windscreen really does just slide right out.

Go ahead and replace the Plastic pop rivets, Push the inner part back up and through each rivet to "reset it" if you will.. Then slip the rivet into the inner and gently push the raised center till it clicks again.

Since your installing a zero Gravity you will want to put a couple layers of Electrical tape around the tabs where the windscreen slips into the fairing. This will prevent any vibration.

Once your screen is in place, thread the allen bolts into the rubber captive nuts, just a little bit... Then using a little lube... (Spit) pop the rubber nut and bolt assembly back in from the top, give it a good wiggle and make sure everything is lined up right, they should line up just fine, but they can take a little effort. Then tighten them up nice and snug... Your done.

Nothing is gonna fall when you take the bolts out. A screen swap is actually pretty easy. The toughest part is gettin' the rubber well nuts into the new screen. Just lube them with water or somethin' (spit works fine...
) and they'll go right in. Other than that it's as simple as removin' the bolts, pullin' out the old screen, slidin' the new one in and puttin' the bolts back.

Go ahead and run a layer of black electrical tape around the edges (the part that slides into the fairing) to avoid squeaks later on, too.

THESE HOLD ON THE SCREEN NOTHING ELSE!!!! THE rivets inside have nothing to do with the windscreen, accept make it easier to get the rubber boots out by pulling them through rather than pulling the up and out...

THESE HOLD ON THE SCREEN NOTHING ELSE!!!!  THE rivets inside have nothing to do with the windscreen, accept make it easier to get the rubber boots out by pulling them through rather than pulling the up and out...
I was wondering if it's pretty common for these two screws to never really get tight? They just spin. I assume the threads are plastic and might have been overtightened from the dealer?