Will i fit?


I am a stocky 5'5'' 170lbs and am droolling over the Busa. Short legs (27" inseam), think I will fit alright?  

Haven't had the opportunity to see a Busa in person yet but have become quite obsessed with all I have read. Plan to buy one soon.    
Sat on a Busa yesterday at the dealer. I'm on my tip-toes on both sides. Wife and daughter said I looked like a mosquito on a rhinoceros, or my 6 yo daughter sitting on my Magna 700. Told them my feet will be up on the pegs usually.

I fit a great deal nicer than the cramping I've heard of with you 6'+ guys. I don't give a rats if I'm small... this is one great bike and I'm gonna have a Busa.

Only question now is--do I wait to see the changes (if any) and colors for the 2003? Three to five months will be one long wait.

I won't be buying another bike for several years and it may be worth it to wait for 2003 for a couple of tech changes on the already great Busa. I have heard some rumors (weak as they may be) of changes such as: digital speedometer, less weight, more performance upgrades (such as those in 2002), and loss of the speed limiter. However, won't know until Sept or Aug and will miss most of the riding season.
I've 29" inside leg and I fit comfortably although pegs are quite high. Point is, you ain't gonna find a performance bike worthy of note with a lower seat height as standard.

As far as waiting for new model, why would you want more performance from a bike this manic, except perhaps to talk about having the latest model. Stop wasting valuable riding time and buy the best one you can NOW. Then open the throttle to the stop, try to cope and ask yourself if you really do need any more.
Doubt if you will see any more performance enhancements in 03' and beyond. Come to think of it I can't remember any that 02' had over the 01'.
2002 has an annoying polished exaust though and u can only use a power commander 3r on it thats the word from dynojet.....i hate the stock exaust the 01 and older black looked better than the 02.......soon as i get enough cash the stock exaust is history.....and the choice of only 2 color sceems besides the le in june........just my to sents
NEW FEATURES for 2002 per Suzuki

-New, lightweight 32-bit ECM for fast EFI and ignition processing speed, plus longer spark duration for more efficient combustion. (this seems to be worthwhile)
-New, lighter weight generator rotor. (nice but...)
-Polished stainless steel exhaust pipe for improved appearance. (I thought this was a +, don't see why you would spend 100's to gain a few more HP's [unless for an even better sound] on a new Busa unless you could really use the extra HP's--I can't at this point.)
-Bolt on, stainless-steel tie-down hooks (previously welded to sub-frame). (mute change)

But there does seem to be some issues to improve on 1) always better components and less weight, 2) fix vibration at 4-5k rpm [I have a little of a robotics EE R&D background--while harmonics and rotation issues are real--the "no way to get rid of vibration" argument sounds more like factory/shop excuses], 3) correct fan/overheating probs, 4) change over some plastics to carbon fiber [as on gsxr 750/1000], 5) delimit the beauty and return to the 220 mph speedo to remain undisputed stock speed king [However, not so sure that I would like a change to the digital speedo]. Yeah, I know what you may be thinkin' about now--don't wait for Suzuki to modify--modify it to my own tastes. This may be a real good idea. Waiting bites! Maybe it's my obsessive-compulsive side...
I could give a rats rearend about braggin rights!

I want this beauty for my satisfaction, don't quite feel the need to brag. The desire for factory tech upgrades are for me to enjoy, without spending a bundle on aftermarket mods. I'm going back to school for two years and money will be stretched with buying quality leathers, etc.