Who wants to c pix from elkhart ama?

whats up Busa-brethren? I rode out to Road America yesterday with Wytlotus n the missus, got some fotos from the front straight, turn 5 n up the hill to 6, turn 6 and down to turn 7, and a bunch of pit shots...i'll throw up a sample or two, but don't wana litter the site with shite that nobody wants to see...

so, who wants road racing pix? I'm leavin again in 30min, to catch the Superstock race n Superbike rnd 2. If i get sum hits here, I'll post up everything (visible) when i get back tonite.


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You can never go wrong with some good race pics! Post 'em up!
Graves Motorsports "workshop"-they had like, 5-6 full race bikes, toolboxes that would cause instant wood, and catered food in an adjoining tent!!
I need a new job!

all right, i'm out the door to try n get some more cool shots for you guys (n gals)-wish me luck!

oh yeah, in case yer wondering, Matt Mladin won superbike yesterday, n Eric Bostrom took Formula Extreme. (i think thats right-i get the Bos bros. mixed up sometimes)
hmmmm...this was probably the only car at Elkhart with a bigger motor than me-cuz the SL 55 i passed is only a 6.0L n the SRT 300 is 6.1, but this was a genuine 427 cobra!

fuggin showoff-why'd he have to park right next to me?!

best part of the weekend for me-hearin my oldest Cheyenne (whose mother is a Die-hard Harley fan) respond to my question of "what kind of bike do u wana get kiddo?" with:

I want a Busa like this one here, Dad-take a picture!
I freakin LOVE her!!! oh n that's Scotty Jr. standin next to her-he's still scared of Busas-too loud for his 4yr. old ears.


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