Who has tested the Ninja Zx 12?????

I haven't done like a study or anything...But I have rode both bikes...I really had no interest in the Busa until the 02 model came out in Silver...That's when I made up my mind that I had to have one...I had never even rode the Busa prior to buying it...I had rode the 12 before and I liked it but it just didn't have what I was looking for...It's big and powerful and all but it lacked something...As soon as I had sat on the Busa I realized it was the bike for me...Comfort, appearance and performance were much more than what the 12 offered...The Busa is more refined than the 12 and I believe it's just a better product hands down...
They do not call me Ninja Eater for nothing. Yes i ahve and I made my choice a year ago, and would make the choice to the Busa again.
I rode it. I liked it. I was pretty much a Kawi man though. I worked at a dealer. I just bought the Busa so I can't compare them though.
The guy I ride with has a 02 ZX12r. We switch from time to time and I like the Busa better. The vibration and the way you sit higher are the major differences. Less hp and more torque gives my Busa the lead in roll-ons, but once the rpms increase so does the ZX but once we shift the Busa jumps to the lead again. The steering damper is also a huge plus for the Busa since the ZX has none. I would give the Busa a big edge over the ZX12 in looks. Two big bikes that feel very different and I must say I am glad I own a Busa!
I have rode both and like both although I own a 00 Busa. If I was rich I would have both.

Its a personal taste thing. As far as performance goes it is a matter of wisely applied money and rider skill.

If you hear Busa guys bragging, just ask them if they have out run a Muzzy modded X12 or Gadson the 3rd place holder AMA Prostar.

If you hear a 12 guy bragging ask him if he can beat John Noonan's Busa. Land speed holder 246+ MPH.

You see it is just a matter of personal choice and wisely spent money and then the testicles to ride it.

Make up your own mind...