Who has a web cam


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I need to do a little research to see what options there are out there for web cams and folks to connect via the Internet. Who has a web cam that wants to try this with me and what software do you use.



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just bought one but don't have time tonight or this weekend. I got a decent plug and play one usb 2.0 for my laptop and home system. it has some built in software I never use. I mess with:

- NETMEETING: built in to XP: start/run/ conf [enter] and it is a quick tool for testing but lacks quality

- next is Yahoo CHAT/Video messenger thingy, it's okay but lacks quality also [I'm sure most low bandwidth messengers lack quality]

- then MSN Messenger also. pretty much same as Yahoo in my book.

I choose those products for their worldwide proliferation and low price: free! I put my parents on it and soon to get my brother online out of state and we'll have free long distance video phones basically. There are a million other products out there, free or cost, but I went with COMMON stuff for compatibility. But you can try net meeting right now on yoru own to mess around with things


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Im running 2 MACs with iChat AV. SUPPER PIMP!!! runs real nice. When Im running XP I use either yahoo or net meeting.

what are you workin on now brother?

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