Web cams


The Watcher
Hey gang pros and cons of using Web cams. What do you guys and gals think. What did you get out of them in HP.
Web Cams; Kind of like what they use for porno sites? Opps wrong Cams, I guess.
I am using stage 1 web cams. Installed cams with engine package so I really don't know how much if any they help a stock motor...............207hp 120lbs torque........

I heard Web ams re better for 1/4 and yosh cams are better for top end?
That could be I have not done any research to see it that is true I will start checking around to find out.......I'll let you know
Thanks Knebnr

I think I will put one of the sets in and run with 13:1 drop ins. I think it will get me around 200hp from where I am now.
i will wait and hear whcih works best.
HOLY CRAP 200 HP must be nice I thought my Busa was fast stock hehe Hey just a question I heard from an unreliable source that ram air was good for 10% HP boost over 60 MPH what do you think that would put a stock Busa at 173 HP stock with ram air ?????
Busa does have ram air it starts at lower speeds then it kicks hard about 100mph. so it is not a matter of what a busa would be it is what it would be without the ram air. less than 150mph. ram air mods can get you some addil gains but maybe 2-3hp at the most.
All of the Dyno runs I have seen where pretty close to the book at about 158-160 Hp and you cant use the ram air on the dyno are you sure it is measured with the ram air

You are right the ram air will not kick in on a Dyno, it will only kick in on the road, unless you blow the air in hard. Never meant to imply that ram air would work on the Dyno. Actually the book is @ 150rwhp. 175hp @ the crank The problems with Dynos are very few are the same, so you pick one that is consistent. They can vary by5-12hp, so as long as you are moving up not down.