Who had one of these as a kid?


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I was looking for my old metal detector today (KS Waterbug funny that you should post that one tonight) and found this instead. It probably has more miles on it then my Busa does. So far I have two marks on the walls and almost ran the cat over a few times
it is just as much fun as I remember. I'm sure the rider is around somewhere but I didn't really look for him.
I had one but wouldn't remember if my life depended on it what happened to it...
Holy Crap. Man this brings back memories, I had one of these with the little Evil Kenival dude you hooked on... This and some sort of little battery operated hot-wheels car spinner things that could rapid fire my cars right to the bottom of the stairs...
I was just thinking...Try giving one of those to a kid today...You might get slapped...If it doesn't require batteries or some sort of power source they don't want it...
I can't tell you how many times I scraped all the skin off my knuckles trying to get my Evel Knievel bike to go mach 2.
Makes me thing of my childhood....................
Come to think of it I'm still in it (according to the wife!).
Evil Kenivel stunt bike. I made a ramp for mine out of a couple of cardboard boxes. I broke the ceiling light in the hallway. It shattered the globe and bulb. I was no longer allowed to play with it in the house. They didn't go very well in the dirt. Not only that ripping your knuckles on concrete pads hurts worse than on carpet.

The ones with the plastic toothed rip cords were SSP's. I had several of those. They kind of made a come back around here a few years ago, but dropped off quickly. Like Stunnah said, no batteries = no fun.

While in Wal-Mart last evening I saw what I must have. A brand new Rockem-Sockem Robots.


Yep... looooong time ago. I think it had a red case, though. Probably got crushed and burned along with everything else.
oh man, i had the Evel Kenivel bike too and put about a million miles on it. Then gave it to my nephew and he ran the hech out of it. i also had the truck and trailer for it with all the ramps.