White junk on overflow bottle


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I went to my dealer today and asked them what the white stuff in the coolant overflow bottle was. The only thing they were able to come up with is that when antifreeze dries up it crystallizes. It probably dries on the radiator cap and then is washed in to the overflow next time you ride. I was told not to worry about it that it was normal. Just keep an eye on your temp gauge but it shouldn't be a problem.
I checked the overflow bottle in my truck and it had it too.
I've got the same problem with mine. Actually I'm not sure "problem" is the right word as this is a common occurrence with the 'Busa. Lots of guys on SH.org advise they had the same thing happen to them, so I wouldn't worry about it.
I had same stuff in my overflow bottle when I changed the antifreeze to EngineIce I checked it out it was like foam. not slimey seemed like nothing to worry about.