Which Master Link works best for a Chain


I'm curious as to what type of Master Link you guys/gals are using out there. The rivetted type seems more secure but the snap type allows you to unsnap the chain when and if you need to...which I'm thinking is a pretty handy thing if you have an adjustable swingarm and two chains..

So i really want to hear what you'll have to say about these two types........
From what I have read the Riveted Chain is the only way to go.
Riveted is better but...

You need the tool to install and break the chain.

I've only used the clip ons on the other bikes I've owned and have had no chain failures.

However, I haven't replaced the chain on the Busa yet.
Once I weaer this stock riveted chain out I will be installing a clip type on mine . I dont intend top use the clip , I'll just saftey wire the link pins together then put on a dab of silicone over the wire to keep it on . Some road racers use this trick .
rivited is best if you dont intend to take it on and off...but if your like me and have bolt on extensions and 2 seperate chains, then you have to use the snap on type.