Which brakes to buy!


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Looking to the site membership for some help with this one. What brake pads should I buy as replacements..........
Suggestion anyone! I have a couple in mind, but thought I could get some real life feed back from those of you who've done this..... Thanks Ks..........
Hey KS, Have you allready replaced the stock lines?

From what I have heard that makes a huge difference in feel.

Replacing your entire brake system could get pricey. Might try to pirate some brakes off of a CBR954, or maybe a GIxxER 1000?
I installed some EBC HH pads on my 750 and they are awesome. I have ordered some for the Busa now just waiting on the stainless lines to install them. I would definitely recommend the lines and the pads, you will not be disappointed.
I did the lines and it helped quite a bit. Just waiting on the stock brakes getting down a bit more before replacement. Lines were well worth it though!
I saw something in Rider magazine that DP HH+ pads were really good, but I would like to hear from someone that's used them. I've got the Galfer stainless lines on my busa and really like them. Now it's time to get a new set of pads to really make the brakes perform.