where they go

darby ofool

i see that alot of people own them though this board but i don't see that many of this bikes on the road even before i got mine am i going blind or in the wrong area? just curious


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Interesting Comment, I figured when I moved to Tampa that I would seee them everywhere, but I have only seen two others on the road. But then I do not see alot of sportbikes in general, kinda odd, I think I have been hanging out in the wrong parts of town.


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Interesting Comment, I figured when I moved to Tampa that I would seee them everywhere, but I have only seen two others on the road. But then I do not see alot of sportbikes in general, kinda odd...


only seen a couple here in japan and they're both on base, most japanese people i see ride mopeds, enduros, and various other small bikes (<=500cc), and the big ones are usually harleys or their look-alikes


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It is pretty cool riding the Busa, you do not see a whole lot of them around. It stands out that is for sure. Now you do say a fair bit of 600s, 750s, and even a few 1000's but the Busa seems to get a bit of special recognition. It has a certain imposing look to it that sets it apart. Good Stuff.


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To me, it's a priviledged honor to own a Busa. I live in a city of only 100,000 people and there is a slew of sportbike riders. There are only 6 others that have Busas besides me. Nothing else to say, but I LOVE IT!!!!



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Yeah, I think if nothing else the Busa stands out, it has a real unique look.


Bacharles I'm in the same boat you are...I only saw 1 in town when I was out on the R6 last year but this year I've seen 2 others besides my new one so there is at least 4 in town here.  ALOT of R1/R6's though.  Biker Boyz put a huge push in the sales up in this area.



................ to make it even sweeter.........................

I have the S.E. 02 !!!!!!!!!!! (all black)


( never seen another one in my area )


I was parked in Broad Ripple (Indianapolis) on Sunday next to three Gixer 1000's, a honda and a yamaha. tons of harleys and h-clones riding by, sportbike after sportbike, and...wait..a Silver Busa! Freaked me out because it was so rare to see another one.


I think when looking for a Hayabusa you must look very quickly too see one at all. And then if you are lucky to glimpse one it will get small very fast...........perhaps those blurs you may be experiencing are simply Unidentified Flying Busas - UFBs.


I normally see tons of 600's and 750's but usually have to wait til the AMA national at Road America to see any Busa's.

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You also see a lot of sportscars but not very many Vipers.
We went to a local bike hangout in Vegas last week and there were about 40 sportbikes of all kinds there but only us four 'Busas, me, Doc, Sterling, and Cisco. Some of the guys did come over and look at them, and they were just a little awed just looking at them. I dunno, maybe people are just not ready for the hp, insane accleration, I've had people say, Nah, that bikes too fast for me. Hmm,...weird.


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Yeah, I get alot of folks telling me man thats too much power...and my favorite... "Man those things are so DANGEROUS!!"  None of em' ride...gets old is all.  When I try explaining that Sportbikes are inherantly the safest bikes on the road I get disbelief and BS...Frustrating.  If I get one more, "Make sure your life insurance is up to date" comment I am busting heads...




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