What's The Best Clutch


I have a 2006 hayabusa. Just recently purchased back in.... jan.... I am having some clutch slippage. Would like to get opin ions on the best kit to get. Do I need Springs and all or just disc and fibers ? No I haven't taken it apart yet so plz don't ask. Lol thanks in advanced


Back in '03 I bought a new('03)Busa,had it for 8 years(the last three with a turbo)and still had the original OEM plates in it when I bought my 2011.Only put about 23,000 miles on it during those 8 years but a lot of WOT roll ons with an estimated 350/400 at 180+ mph.Hard to beat OEM.:thumbsup:


lol tru but he asked which one was best so I gav my opinion. nothn stays stock very long tho does it?:):firing:and the street thong don't matter I ride mine on the street

That might be just a bit of overkill for a stock bike being rode on the street.

Kevin Jones

Get the OEM pack like they were saying and the carpenter clutch kit. $80 and you get better springs and the ring to lock the hub. That back torque hub is a POS, fixes the feel issue.

Kevin Jones

MTC Gen II is the best clutch since ur askn
It doesn't have the static to be street ridden in the manner that you would want to anyway. The static springs are like 130lbs vs 240 of a stock busa. So even with the dynamic springs out, between 1k and maybe 5k, you risk burning a pack by giving it throttle. im still working with mine but that's by design. The rock and the revolution have screws you can screw down and compress the static springs but no lock up at all is going to allow you to pull the lever in at screaming rpm

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