Whats the best cleaner?

Which is the cleaner you use, or the best one to use on the busa? I dont mean bike wash, I mean like a polish, gloss, or spray cleaner to just wipe off the bike after every ride? I hear Honda's polish and spray is some superb stuff, but:
1. I think its been discontinued?
2. Its honda!

Anybody's thoughts on this?



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I use S100 spray cleaner and polish. You can get it at cycle gear.... Theres plenty of stuff out there. I just like the S100 the best...Kind of pricey; I think its $10.00 a can.
Just go to Kragen and get some quick detail spray. I use the same meguiars QD stuff on my bike that I used on my cars. Paint is paint.


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Here's a heads up for you guys...

I try everything...Meguires detailer, Zaino brother Z6 and Z8, Plexus, Honda
polish...Can NOT stand a dirty bike, I'm surprised I haven't rubbed the paint off it yet.

Last thing I tried was ArmorAll Ultra Shine wash and wax detailer...it's for
removing dirt and grime between washes and it's got Carnauba Wax in it...
it's pretty darn good.

A lot of you detailers don't actually remove dirt and the plexus/honda polish
doesn't seem to work as good on the metal tank as other products, works
better on the plastics (and my helmet :laugh:).
This armor all product works pretty good everywhere.

It's worth a try and evaluate it yourselves. It's only like $3-$4 if I remember right.
I use turtle was bug and tar for just bugs also dont let it stay on long. Then use Wizards Mist-N-Shine for motorcycles. It is good for paint, chrome, and plastics. My HD dealer carries it.


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Protect-All, every bike that enters our shop gets polished before it leaves and this stuff Rocks. People swear we spend hours waxing their bikes. Its just our policy. Even for an oil change we polsih and debug. Stuff works great in minutes and last for a while. Plastics, windscreen and wheels...... :beerchug:

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