What should it run?


What do you guys think? should the bike go eights?
I just got the RCC stage one kit at 7lbs for the ole busa. And im not sure what to expect with this stage one kit. The bike is +6, lowered, strapped, with an airshifter. 18t/40t with a shinko. I weigh 230lbs suited and im hoping I can dip into the eights with the bike. Assuming I do my part of course

Pre turbo it was 16t/42t +6, lowered, strapped, HMF 4-2-1, and footshifted. it went 9.70's-9.80's @143-144mph with 1.51-1.55 60' times

What should I expect it to do?
is about 85% rider .. we just had this conversation and I have seen way to many turbo bikes beat by non turbo bikes of the same make.. bike will only go as fast as you can make it go...

gotta get that first 300' down to go quick.. if you can get into the high 8's to start?
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It might very well run 8s, but not with an 18/40 combination. Going from a 16/42 up to an 18/40 is a huge jump. Stage 1 Turbos can be tough to get off the line without multi-stage controllers and such. You may consider starting with your original 16/42 combination, which with a shinko tire is still good for 160 in 5th gear.
Thats good to know. My logic was the 16t/42t would be way too much on the street. I guess I will gear it down and see.
get some passes on it and bring it to the PMRA race on the 13th. we are going to have a real street class, sounds like your bike fits fine with the rules for turbo bikes. 65in wheelbase, stock clutch, dot tire.