my et. what should i be running.


i have an of busa. no performance parts what so ever. no clutch mod. no exhaust. that bike has been lowered. i way 130, then plus helmet and gear. not sure what a stock busa ways wet. think 590. anyways i run 6.41 in a 1/8 and 990 at 139 in a 1/4. what should i be running


Your 1/4 looks good. Suited I'm about 100 lbs heavier and ran 9.92 @ 143 or so with a 42t rear sprocket and shortie cans. What's your 60ft like?
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what year busa is it? I am about the same weight and I ran about the same numbers when I was completely stock. I was running a Gen 1. If you have a Gen 2 you should be a little quoicker depending on your experience.


Thats a pretty good 60ft time. Does the clutch always grab? That can be curred,just get Brocks clutch mod and ya wont have that "grab" anymore. I have it on my 08 and it works well. Also whats your launch rpms?


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If you can ride and really weight only 130lbs. 9.5 @ 145+ should be about right STOCK... :beerchug:


got my clutch welded, got a new power one rear tire and cleaned a pound of grease off my chain. goin to the track tom will up date


best time of the night was a 963 with a 154 60 foot. thats good i think. thats just a busa lowered 2 inches, welded clutch. and that it not a performance part on the bike. still stock exhaust


judging 117mph trap speed in the 1/8th i weigh 238lbs with my old stock motor and a lil bit of spray was trapping 120 running low 5.70's high 5.60's i think you should be good for some high 5.80's low 90's

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judging 117mph trap speed in the 1/8th i weigh 238lbs with my old stock motor and a lil bit of spray was trapping 120 running low 5.70's high 5.60's i think you should be good for some high 5.80's low 90's
120 mph is way too slow for 5.70's. Unless your short times are fuel car type numbers something isn't right. 117 mph will give you 6.10-6.00's if you're a light rider and leave good.
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