What parts for other bikes


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I've seen a handful of other members out there that have modified parts or used parts intended for other bikes on their Busas.

To be specific things like Brembo Master Cyl's, designer grips, rear sets etc. That I have never seen listed for a Busa, even from the manufacturers sites.

What parts do you know of that are cross compatible with the Busa? Things like rims, mirrors anything that are a straight match, from the GSXR1000 perhaps?. Even from other makes such as the Buell pegs.
What parts have you been able to work with minor modifications? I'd like to compile a list as to shop for more goodies for my busa.
TL windscreens are the same
wheels are the same as SRAD's
front ends are the same as TL's
You can put 01-02 GSXR 1K forks on the busa with the GSXR fender and busa triples
You can put 03-04 GSXR 1K complete front end on the busa for radial brakes
SRAD swingarms can be put on busa's

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