What kind of coolant for a gen 2


I just put a alienhead on my gen 2 and I removed the radiator and oil cooler. My question is what kind of coolant goes in. When I drained the radiator it looked way to dark to be 50/50. Some kind of special coolant?
IDK? maybe it wasn't mixed right.... I run engine ice in my busa so my coolant is purple :laugh: As far as I know there is no special coolant for busa's. Regular ole preston will get the job done just fine, or you can run engine ice which is more pricier. if you live down south or have a climate controlled garage you can run water wetter but it wont prevent freezing like the others which could cause some major problems in the winter
I've always used the Prestone pre-mixed 50/50, specifically ok'd for aluminum. 50% antifreeze/50% de-mineralized water.
i don't know but this is definitely on my to do list for winter. way over do on the antifreeze swap & plugs.:whistle:
all engine ice and distilled water or 50/50 from napa/autozone with or without water wetter...
Since you have the system drained, you could take the opportunity to flush it with distilled water (DO NOT USE TAP WATER IN ANY COOLING SYSTEM).

It is best to use only one kind of coolant in your system so you know exactly what is in there (IOW, best to avoid adding one brand to a dif brand that is already in the bike). I am super adamant about using ONLY coolant that is designed for motorcycles. Other coolants are not made for aluminum engines and they will cause corrosion.

Use Suzuki coolant from your dealership. Suz rips us off with theirs cuz it is premixed with 50% distilled water (IDK, you might find some Suz coolant that is not premixed but premixed is all my dealership had). You are paying for water with premixed booo :evil::evil::evil: but once it is done, it's done for 2-3 years (or much longer as most people don't replace coolant as regularly as specced).

might want to have a peek at this.
Where are you located? Does it freeze in the wintertime? Do you leave your bike outside any?

Water wetter has zero freeze protection. At 32 degrees, it will freeze (NOT GOOD for your bike).

Regular Anti freeze is Ethylene Glycol. It works fine in your bike. However, it cannot be used on the track because it leaves a residue that is SLICK LIKE OIL and difficult to clean up.

Engine Ice is Proplyene Glycol. It's does just as good as Ethylene Glycol, yes some trackday orgs will allow it's use because it's supposed to not have the bad effects like Ethylene Glycol coolants. However, I have seen it leave a stain on asphalt.

I run Water wetter in my trackbike, but for my Busa I run Engine Ice. Regardless, it's a good idea to flush and reflush using straight distilled water.
Engine Ice and Water wetter are popular products and they do work to keep the engine running cooler. IDK about you but running cool is all my busa ever does. I don't think I've ever seen it go much over halfway on the engine temp gauge. My oil stays pretty light in color too. Total opposite of my ZX-14 which is like a f^*^ing furnace between my legs in the summer.

Just sayin' if your busa is like mine and you are not racing, you prolly have little use for engine cool products. Unless you live in the South Maybe....I'm up in WI where we usually have no more than two or three 100F days in the summer.