What features do we need to add, remove or change...


Dis in my way!
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A couple of questions... 1. I see that the garage map is doing well so I will see if we can enhance that. 2. Does anyone use the chat rooms or private IM on the bottom of the screen? 3. Emailing threads to other people, does anyone use that?
Can't think of anything that needs changing.

Used the IM a few times, when people wanted to chat to me.
Captain, one feature that I use on other forums is the ability to 'call' another user to a thread if you think they could add to it merely by adding text like @skydyvyr (using the screen name of the user you are calling) to the body of the reply. They system then sends an email to that user letting them know their attention is requested.

If that feature is available here already, please forgive my ignorance.

I would like to see the quick link option available on the forum page after hitting what's new instead of having to go into a thread first.

Other than that do you make house calls? I think it would be great if you could visit each of our homes so we can post a picture of you visiting! :thumbsup:

I'd like the "calling" or tagging feature as well. I use chat at the bottom. Not often, but I use it.