What does this button do ???


Hi Guys,

I have been saying for the last 5 years " My next bike is gona be a Hayabusa" but something always came up and I ended up with a zzr6 or 1200 bandit and so on, anyway,
I bought a 2000 busa last week in the UK, it has never seen rain, 2 owners from new, both bike enthusiasts and kept it mint.

When I insured it, they asked did it have alarm or imobiliser fitted. I said no as I was not sure, so to start with my daft questions....

I just noticed that my ignition key has a button on it (like my car key fob) when when I press it nothing happens. is it a key fob ? does it need a battery ? did 2000 busa's come with factory fitted alarms or immobiliers ?

thanks in advice, and you can expect more daft questions in the near future as this is the first one I have ever ridden.

Eliminator Guy
Welcome to the oRg. None of the model year busa's came with factory alarms or immobilizers to my knowledge. There were some very slight European changes but I am not sure those included an alarm. Can you post a picture of the key fob?
original busa had nothing by way of immobiliser or alarm...its old school...the button is probably just part of a fancy key holder...only 2 or 3 areas on the bike were an alarm can fit....under the pillion seat, under the rear left side of the tank and under either front inner dash panel.

Congrats on the bike...you'll love it...had a 2000, 2003 and now a 2012...racked up around 20,000 miles amongst them and not one regret beyond the fact i wasted money trying other bikes in between.
I have heard that some of the European bikes had chip keys, which I guess would be a form of immobilizer. Someone with more knowledge may be able to chime in soon.
Ive never seen a key like that before. Maybe you can get normal key cut and give it a try to see if it works? That would tell ya if the key was anything special to the bike or alarm.
My 2011 has a immobilizer built in, but no button on the key.
It's got a red light on the ignition switch.
Not sure about the other models before 2008.
Only way to be sure is to get a key cut for a couple dollars and see if you can start your bike with it
Only way to be sure is to get a key cut for a couple dollars and see if you can start your bike with it

+ 1. Without the other key near the bike,in case its like new harleys,just have to be close by with the key.

Bike theft in the UK is a huge problem. That looks like a chipped key. May have an imobiliser that has been switched off.

I'm still investigating but...SAIS - Suzuki Advanced Immobilizer System - GSX1300R Hayabusa Owners Forum


I wonder how much that would cost ? I want one !!! If they already have it for the Busa, you'd think you could just order it from Suzuki, and just plug & play. If it comes on the bike in other countries, why in the world would it NOT come on Busa's in the U.S. ?
Some Euro Suzis have immobilizers on them but that is not one.

Have you looked at key next to blade at base of plastic part?
Is there a little led that would light key hole if button was pushed?
Batteries probably dead or lights broke. That's what it looks like to me.
that doesn't look like the original key

Closest thing I could find to that is this hayabusa key.jpg

its part of an aftermarket alarm system. I'd look into it and wouldn't leave unattended. I am just paranoid that way. IF I couldn't find an alarm on it would just order a new switch and key. I wouldn't worry about the fuel door and just carry 2 keys

hayabusa key.jpg