What do you think about break in?


Suzuki is telling me. Don't go over 5500 for 500 miles, and not 0ver 8000 till you reach 1000 miles.

Now I have done suprizingly well obeying these rules imposed on me..... however. Does a new busa really need this much break in. I feel most parts in the motor are broke in within the first hour. After that yea, the rings may have to seat, don't know how long that takes.

Now it is my belief that suzuki's lawyers force them to give this break in to give you time to get aquainted to the bike and learn its characteristics so you don't kill yourself 5 minutes after you leave the dealer.

What do you guys think about this? What have you seen? Oh try not to flame, I only put about 1500 miles a year on a bike. I would like to have this broke in before I retire.
With the exception of all out blasts to the rev limiter in several gears, ride the bike like you are gonna ride it after breakin.
After about 500/700 miles, let her stretch her legs!
ya...what sleep said.... whats the deal with break in anyway.

I'm a firm believer in a fairly aggressive break-in . I've ridin' bikes that have been broken in by pussies , they have less HP if you ask me .

Go fairly ruff on her...not a ruff as you would play on a 20 $ street walker...but close .

I think its the first 20 miles anyway...the trans has done its thing ,the motors done its thing, if things are good to go , THEN THINGS ARE GOOD TO GO . If something was fugged at the factory , chances are , you'd know about it by now .

Everyone neglects the oil . CHANGE IT AT @ 20 MILES .
Ya , 20 miles , the tranny has done its thing , an' there's bits in there you want rid of .

Joust my opinion...... party on . RSD.
I am suprised to see others with the same outlook as me. Thanks for the input.

You guys on this here board seem cool as hell.

Later fros
I am surprised that so many people worry about break in of any kind. Break it in the way they say or not. The fact is that that is only about 1-3 days of riding on a new bike. Cpup;e little trips. It is not klike the bike will just sit...