New Busa break-in


Well, I WAS on my way to pick up my new bike and wouldn't ya know, it's SNOWING!!! I know, hard to believe it in May. So, while I was sitting here thinking how fun the train ride will be for 560 miles and even better how cool the ride home will be, I started to remember when I bought my ZX-11. I had to ride it for about 600 miles to bring it home too. For proper break-in the sticker on the speedo said no more than such and such RPM for 500 miles and then after that no more than such and such RPM till 1000 miles. What is the "recommended" break-in for the Busa? How do you "really" break-in the Busa? I know warrenty and all that but what are your thoughts on this. Also see this link and then tell me what you think

I just want to do it right. Thanks, Walt
The other reason I would like to know what the collective opinion is, is acct I was thinking about taking a trailer over and trailering it home. Not only because of the cold but more so acct I can then properly break it in at home. Again, thanks, Walt
That Mototune breakin is a good thing, i broke mine in that way and everything is good. The rings in the motor stopped smoking right after i followed his directions and the bike performs great.
I'm at 90 miles following Suzuki's break-in per manual.....have I screwed up?
Am I too late to switch over to this method???
Hey all,
Well, I'm on my way to pick her up on Sunday. I must have read Break-in Secrets about 10 times now and this is what I've come up with as far as the "street" way to do it:


2. Load engine by opening the throttle HARD in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear.

3. Alternate between short bursts of hard acceleration and deceleration.

4. You don't have to go over 65mph to properly load the rings.

5. Change the oil after the first 20 miles.

6. For the first 200 miles or so, get out into the country where you can vary the speed more and run it through the gears.

7. Remember that both hard acceleration and hard engine braking are equally important during the break in process.

8. Use 10w-40 car/bike oil for the first 1500 miles. Then if you want too, change to whatever oil you like to run.

Did I miss anything? My plan is to show up at the dealer and warm the engine. They are 2 blocks off a nice country highway so I will be on that doing the first 20 miles. I've schedualed the first oil/filter change that morning(it shouldn't take too long to do the 20 miles). Then it's 565 miles home. I'll continue the break in till then and change the oil/filter once again. Again, did I miss anything? Oh yeah, I got my Hayabusa hat today and it looks great!!! Now I'll have to order the shirt. Safe riding, Walt
Try the Motoman breakin anyway, you don't have to have it in 6th gear to do it, try 2nd or 3rd. There were three stages of breakin, 1st was while in one gear(say 3rd) accelerate WOT from 20% to 80% of the rpm range, then 2nd go from idle to 60% WOT, 3rd go 40% to 100%. As your rpm's rev up, leave it in the same gear to do the breakins and once you reach the rpms for each stage just let the bike decelerate(wind down) in the same gear, that helps seat the rings.
Change the oil and ride it like you want. I changed my oil again at 600 miles, then at 1600miles.