What do you think of this guys advice for breaking in...

i beat mine from the day i got it. Ride em how you plan on riding them. Thats what warranty is for. On a side note......dyno is the way to go for this method. Kills 2 birds with one stone.
My BMW K1200LT also burned a bit of oil until around 6k miles when I went out and flogged it with a buddy on a ride. Not a drop of oil used after that fun run.
I was never going for or thinking of a good break in. Ripping the throttle open on a brand new ride is a gimme
That is the exact site that I used to guide me on breaking in my Busa. Have had no issues and the bike sounds and runs great to this day. :)
I think it's supposed to be a joke. You can't test an engine that was broken in one way with the other way. Sure you can take identical engines and run them through tests but there are always variables.

Quality oil filters would be way more important that guessing what's going on.

The bikes are run for 1 mile at the factory anyway, so if you think you are taking the engines virginity you are not.
I think it is someone being funny; everything in the first 20 miles??? please.

Getting the engine warmed up before you do anything drastic is the most important thing. Vary the rpms and speed. Most important don't drive it like a little biatch boy! :-)

No offense to the ladies :laugh:
i tried the run it hard method when i bought a 2007 saturn ion redline... had less than stellar gas mileage and it had excessive black smoke so i traded it in on my truck... i think this method is caca
first one was used K8 with 10000km on it

my second , new, 2011 got the motoman, after 70km oil change, etc
then the wife starts yelling at me, why this one is even faster than the old one?

enough proof 4 me
What oil should I use?


:laugh: I`m surprised the break-in topic is not as popular as the `what oil?`.
I ran both of mine fairly hard, paying no heed to the whole suggested RPM for xxx amount of miles. I did (still do) always let the machine warm up a bit before hammerin` it though, and I did make a few shorter trips at first to let the bike cool down some.
The main road is about 300 yards from the dealership parking lot and as soon as I hit that road we had front wheel lift off...man did it feel good to be off of that HD:laugh: